Website in totally new look !! (April 19th, 2010 )

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to inform you that our new website is online. While it has just been launched, we have tried our best to explore as much as possible of the products from our existing furniture line. We are still working on it and will bring you the updates after each of the major developments.

Modern Home Furnishing has earned a good name in solid wood furniture market since it’s launch. We are committed to provide you the best quality furniture and service, yet with the affordable prices.

Our sales team welcomes you at all of our four locations.

Thanks for visiting our site..


5 Responses to “Website in totally new look !!”

  1. Chalmers Browne says:

    New website is cool, can you please add an area where your customer can put their comments.

  2. Aloha says:

    Great new site, great furniture and great people!

    I don’t see any bookcases, although I know the store sells them.

    It would also be nice to place here the store flyers in electronic format.

  3. Santveer says:

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion, we will put bookcases on website. We will put current flyers online also.

  4. Anon says:

    I’m glad you updated your website, but you should really proofread (or have someone else do it) the “About” section – it’s confusing and contains many grammatical and spelling errors. ie. weather = whether

  5. Santveer says:

    Hi Anon,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!
    We will take care of the issues you have raised.


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